The password problem

password problem

In today’s connected world, we all use passwords to access our bank accounts, webmail, utility accounts, home shopping accounts and many other websites and apps that are essential to running our digital lives.

It’s impossible to use the same password everywhere because different sites insist on different password formats. Even if it was possible, it wouldn’t be advisable – if your password fell into the wrong hands, the danger of identity theft would be massive.

So we tend to use many different passwords and then forget which password to use for which system, so resort to using a bunch of similar passwords and never changing them, or to writing them down and keeping the list somewhere handy. Either way, security is compromised.

Some sites, and especially corporate networks, insist that you change your password regularly, making it even more difficult to remember or manage them.

It seems that password authentication is inherently hard for users to manage and apparently easy for hackers to crack – judging by the increasing number of reports of major security breaches, even at well-known sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This video from the BriForum Chicago says Passwords are dead:

Now, Tento has developed a solution to the password problem which overcomes this fundamentally flawed method of authentication using a personal TentoID token in the smartphone along with the TentoID app.

For website operators, conventional password systems need a forgotten password process, which can further weaken website security and add to the cost of website administration. Forrester have estimated that password-related helpdesk calls cost a 1000 employee business over $150,000 per annum.

With TentoID, you need just one password – your Tento password – to log in with two-factor authentication.

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