Tento Password Reminder


The TentoID in your phone can also supply a strong static password reminder for use where 2 factors of authentication are required.

After you have downloaded the app and registered for your TentoID, you simply visit our site to request a new password.  Just enter your TentoID number which is shown in the app and we display a QR code which you can scan to reveal a 10-character password using a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other keyboard symbols (#, +, ^, etc).  How much or how little of this password you use is up to you.  You can print out the QR-code and fix it onto your laptop/tablet/etc or keep it in a safe place.  Just scan it with the Tento app whenever you need a reminder.

Every TentoID comes with one free password in QR-code form.  You can request a batch of 10 more for just £2.99 and then use a different one at 10 different websites if you wish.

We keep no record of these QR-codes or the passwords they contain, so it is up to you to manage how you use them.  If you lose the printed version of the QR-code, you can always request another, but then you will need to change the password at the sites where you have used it.

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