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tento mixed passwords

At present, users need to choose, register and remember dozens of passwords at the websites they want to use. With a TentoiD and our app in their phone, users will never need to remember another password.  The TentoiD can supply millions of different passwords and deliver them privately to the user, on demand.  Neither the user nor anyone else has any knowledge of the next password that will be supplied.

The passwords appear on the screen of your phone as images of one-time passwords.  Thanks to the unique TentoiD in their phones, no other user will see the same OTP.  Even the phone displaying the image has no record of the actual OTP.  Only the human eye and brain can translate the image into textual form.  In this sense, it is akin to a biometric – able to distinguish between humans and robots.

The password characters displayed on the phone have all been designed by Tento.  We exploit the fact that the human eye and brain are capable of recognising many different shapes as alphabetic, numeric or other keyboard characters.  We are not limited to standard computer fonts.  The Tento font set has over 100 different forms of each character.  It could be described as a personal Captcha code.


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