We are seeking partners who can help us bring our disruptive technology to the marketplace. We envisage a joint venture where we input our intellectual property and our partner brings human resources, a customer base and finance to the party.

An ideal partner for Tento would already have an established customer base of web-based companies and financial institutions.  They would have human resources in software development and cloud service operations.  And they would have cash to invest in launching and marketing new products.

We are realistic about the value of what we have developed to date but we hope to find a partner who recognises that our technology is unique, effective and potentially disruptive.  Also, we are open-minded about what kind of partner might work well for us.  For example, a JV partner who sells web software development services but has no cloud service operations could help us get to the point where we could license our authentication software to corporates and SMEs who are looking for better security at realistic cost.

We are also interested to hear from existing suppliers of identity management products who wish to strengthen their product line.

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