Benefits for TentoID powered websites & networks


  • Lower cost than any comparably secure authentication systems
  • Runs in multiple client devices
  • One-time passwords (OTPs) displayed as images – resistant to malware and hackers
  • Distinguishes humans and robots
  • Can be branded with your logo, straplines, content, etc.
  • No more costly password resets for IT helpdesks
  • Easy integration with existing authentication systems
  • Can run in parallel with existing authentication systems
  • Comprehensive online and offline reporting for sysadmins
    • control of issued and unissued tokens
    • warning of fraud attempts
    • token usage
  • Trillions of unique user tokens
  • Millions of one-time passwords from each user token
  • Variable length one-time passwords – choose the appropriate security level
  • OTPs comprise alpha, numeric, symbols in any combination
  • Real-time and offline forensics
  • Instant revocation of user token if phone is lost or stolen
  • Temporary revocation of user token if phone is mislaid
  • Can be integrated with a biometric factor for 3-factor authentication
  • Simple technology licensing model based on territory, application area and time

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